We started THE PLATERA during the lockdown, when sitting at the table was the best plan of the day. We wanted to find a way to make that moment more enjoyable, so our passion for everything handmade and my free time led me to try new things.


I think most of the things that describe me can be seen through my plates. I like the unconventional, I love mixing and experimenting with colors, textures, and patterns and this is reflected in the way I paint, decorate, and design.


Painting THE PLATERA plates, takes me to my own reality where there are no rules, and everything is possible. It is a moment of disconnection where there is nothing more than a brush, a plate, and a lot of imagination.


All our pieces are hand painted one by one. It’s a very slow process but the final result is worth it! There are not two identical drawings and all the small differences make each piece unique :)