Margaritas . Spring Collection

Welcome to the happy place.
Discover the full collection of the pastel color margaritas.
Hand painted plates

Margarita pinkMargarita pink

Margarita pink

From $35.00 USD
Margarita orangeMargarita orange

Margarita orange

From $35.00 USD
Margarita lilacMargarita lilac

Margarita lilac

From $35.00 USD
Margarita yellowMargarita yellow

Margarita yellow

From $35.00 USD
Margarita rosaMargarita rosa

Margarita rosa

From $35.00 USD
Margarita amarillaMargarita amarilla

Margarita amarilla

From $35.00 USD
Margarita lilaMargarita lila

Margarita lila

From $35.00 USD
Margarita naranjaMargarita naranja

Margarita naranja

From $35.00 USD
Margarita lila bowlMargarita lila bowl

Margarita lila bowl

From $39.00 USD
Margarita rosa bowlMargarita rosa bowl

Margarita rosa bowl

From $39.00 USD
Margarita amarillo bowlMargarita amarillo bowl

Margarita amarillo bowl

From $39.00 USD
Margarita naranja bowlMargarita naranja bowl

Margarita naranja bowl

From $39.00 USD
Vichy NaranjaVichy Naranja

Vichy Naranja

From $33.00 USD
Vichy RosaVichy Rosa

Vichy Rosa

From $33.00 USD
Vichy AmarilloVichy Amarillo

Vichy Amarillo

From $33.00 USD
Vichy LilaVichy Lila

Vichy Lila

From $33.00 USD

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Margaritas Set 4 plates

the platera

$153.00 USD
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